An online casino welcome bonus is essentially an offer given to a prospective customer by a gambling site to attract new customers. It is designed to attract new customers to the casino site with the promise of huge jackpots. People who are new to the games or do not have much money available for gambling may find these offers attractive. This also gives them an opportunity to practice their skills at the casino before they commit money to gambling.

Casino Welcome Bonus

In America, the United Kingdom and Australia, casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players, members or rollover investors. There is hardly any place where this is not offered. However, some of the best bonus sign up deals can be found online. These casinos have realized the benefits of offering bonuses to new players. This means that the casino sites are competing for the attention of these players and hence come up with the best deals.

There are basically two types of welcome bonus packages offered by these casinos. The first one is where the casino offers a free spins only to a new player who deposits an amount into his or her account. The second one is where the same person is offered a welcome bonus package with two free spins after she deposits an amount into her account. Both these packages prove appealing to the new players. They are assured of winning free spins when they win money in these casino games. The second type of bonus package is more appealing to players because they can play the game for free for a certain number of spins after they make their initial deposit.

Some of the top casinos in America which come up with such bonuses are Titan, Playtech, Partypoker, Paradise, Full tilt poker, Party poker, Bodog, full tilt poker and Caesars Palace. These offer welcome bonuses with various codes. Players need to read the details of these codes before they enter their real wagers on online casinos. When the new players find that they can win more while they play, they can then choose to stop playing. They do not lose anything at all if they stop playing.

The welcome bonus codes are usually found on the home page of the casino’s website. Players have to enter the welcome code and the wagering requirements will be automatically recalculated. The bonus code can be used at the home page to enter and activate the special wagering requirement. The bonus code must be input in the correct mode and the amount must be specified to make the wager.

In many casinos, the welcome page of the casino also contains a section which has details about the types of free spins that are available in the casino. This section allows the players to select from the free spins available. The players need to complete the requirements for each type of free spin. In many casinos, a new player needs to make a first deposit of at least an amount equal to his maximum bankroll to qualify for the free spins.

When the new players find that they can win more while they play, they can then choose to stop playing. They do not lose anything at all if they quit. Many casinos also offer special offers which are limited to a certain number of spins. Players have to start again with their cash in the slot machines.

At some casinos, there is a special section where the bonus codes can be found. In this section, the welcome bonus code is mentioned in big letters. This makes it easy for new players to find it. When players win, they can use the said code to get another free spin. Many casinos welcome bonuses are offered every now and then.

George Monstal